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Journey of Voice
debut album

Zulya produced and launched her first CD Journey of Voice in Tasmania, Australia in 1997.

The CD is a record of a remarkable journey across four continents and through more than a dozen musical traditions.

Journey of Voice contains 16 tracks featuring many vocal traditions from around the world as far as Rajasthan to Bolivia! Not only the CD highlights the astounding diversity of cultures but as well spans across different musical genres, including fiery Russian gypsy tradition, native Brazilian chants, seductive French cabaret and cool jazz ballads among others.

With a rich voice as at ease in Russian, Tatar, French, Portugeuse, Bulgarian and Spanish Zulya captures the vulnerable yet powerful expressions of sorrow and desperation as well as tenderness and joy with skill and integrity.

"My wish is to show the fascinating richness and beauty of songs of our world which can draw us closer to a more common understanding of each other's culture" says Zulya.

Accompanying this remarkable singer are seven fine musicians, Martin Tucker (keyboard, kora, flute, percussion), Cary Lewincamp (guitar), Fred Bradshaw (saxophone), Nick Glade-Wright and Dan Magnus (percussion), Mauricio Duarte (guitar) and Kevin Cooney (bass) providing colourful and appropriate backing arrangements to the vocals which are the main feature.



Journey of Voice Journey of Voice

"I think it's safe to assume that Zulya's first CD is the only one which contains a traditional song from Tatarstan and one of Antonio Carlos Jobim's best-known 'bossa-nova' numbers and a Thelonious Monk classic. And if that assumption's wrong, I'm pretty sure no one else has ever sounded equally at ease with all three! … This CD is definitely worth having, but a ticket to Zulya’s concert is even more warmly recommended."
Doug Spencer, ABC 24 Hours.

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